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Oveseas Customer Manager

Department: International Marketing Center|Work place: 1、East Africa(Kenya、Ethiopia、Tanzania); 2、West Africa(Nigeria、Ghana、Sierra Leone).

Job duties:

1、  Responsible for managing、operating and marketing exploring;

2、  Responsible for market strategy and exploration in specific region, make sure to reach the department target;

3、  Guide and participate in market development、publicity、research and analysis;

4、  Assist bid manager to negotiate with owner、sub-contractor on business contract;

5、  Review market development plan and budget, distribute resources effectively;

6、  Participate in bidding documenting、delivering and communicating;

7、  Complete other orders from leader.


Job requirements:

1、  Familiar with power transmission and conversion and global trade operation;

2、  Good skill of English reading、writing and speaking;

3、  Relevant working experience in power energy industry;

4、  Familiar with office software;

5、  Ability of international business negotiation;

6、  Ability of market assessment.

At least 5 years of market development and management experience, priority to 2 years of overseas experience.

Overseas Financial Manager

Department: Finance Center|Work place: Brazil;South Africa;Iran

Job duties:

1、  Take full charge of overseas subsidiary company risk management;

2、  Improve and implement financial risk managing strategy of overseas subsidiary company;

3、  Improve the analysis and audit strategy of financial report of overseas subsidiary company;

4、  Assist board of director to audit and adjust annual budget of overseas subsidiary company;

5、  Improve the tax planning solution of overseas subsidiary company.


Job requirements:

1、  Full-scale knowledge of financial management and basic knowledge of economic law;

2、  Strong conscious of risk management;

3、  Capacity of tax planning;

4、  Good skill of English reading、writing and speaking;

5、  Excellent ability of organizing and innovation spirit;

6、  Priority to those who has working experience in listed company;

7、  Bachelor degree in finance or economic majorCPA or CFA is better;

8、  At least 2 years of overseas financial management experience;

   9、Priority to those who has working experience in Big Four Accounting Firms.

Overseas Product Region Director

Department: International Product Center|Work place: Hangzhou, China

Job duties:

1、  Collect the information of competitor and analyze market, set up reasonable solution of product optimization;

2、  Work out and effectively promote reasonable marketing strategy based on marketing information;

3、  Integrate available resources to help to implement product and solution.


Job requirements:

1、  At least 8 years of experience of research & development、technology、product、engineering etc.;

2、  Basic knowledge of Power industry;

3、  Be capable of good skills of English listening、speaking、reading、writing;

4、  Bachelor degree in electrical、electronic and communication relevant major.

Overseas CEO

Department: International Marketing Center|Work place: French-speaking district of Middle Africa; The Middle East

Job duties:

1、  Lead marketing channel plan、development、brand publicity of regional sales headquarters;

2、  Responsible for setting annual working plan of regional market, and completing the annual goal;

3、  Responsible for exploring new business and new market;

4、  Responsible for operation of the region and team management.


Job requirements:

1、  With customer resources of relevant region, with experience of overseas engineering and project implementation;

2、  At least 8 years of experience of overseas power engineering, above 3 years of managing experience;

3、  Be capable of good skills of English listening、speaking、reading、writing;

4、  With the excellent capability in conscious of management and team building.